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How To Easily Get New Business Customers To Switch To Your Bank

Banks are always marketing and advertising to lure new customers to their banks. The competition for increasing deposits and attracting business banking customers is fierce. If your bank has an initiative to attract more entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations, then it’s time to revisit your current marketing.

Are You Living Up to Your Bank Slogan?

Here are a few of the tag lines from Community Banks, Credit Unions and Major Commercial Banks across the nation.

Community Banks

  • “You have options when You Bank at Seacoast” Seacoast Bank
  • “Banking is a people Business” Paradise Bank

Credit Unions

  • “IBM Credit Union We make it easy and affordable to enjoy life” IBM Credit Union
  • “Simpler. Faster. Friendlier.” 1st United Credit Union

Major Commercial Banks

  • “Simplified Banking” Wells Fargo
  • “The Power to Make a Difference. It’s what we’re here for – and it’s what people want from us” Bank of America
  • “We’re here to help you manage your money today and tomorrow” “Make more of what’s yours” Chase Bank
  • “Out with the old and in with the new” “Welcome to Banking Reimagined” Capital One

What if your slogan could be “Switch to our bank where we will help you make your business more profitable?” How cool would that be? Do you think it would get the attention of business owners?

Yes, it is not just a dream but could be a reality!

How Banks Make Business Customers More Profitable

Businesses across the United States are utilizing the Profit First Cash Flow Management Tool (over 100,000 and growing every day). To properly use this amazing cash flow management tool, they need a “Profit First Friendly Bank.” These business owners are known to switch from their existing “Profit First unfriendly” bank to a Profit First Friendly Bank.

Is your bank a “Profit First Friendly Bank?” If you are not, you are losing new customers and existing customers to the banks that are. All bankers know that it is not just the deposits from these customers that counts. It is relatively simple to become a Profit First Friendly Bank.
You have an unprecedented opportunity to position yourself in front of these business customers because most banks are still in the dark about the growing trend. As business customers start switching to your bank and they have a profitable cash flow system that is supported by your bank, then the additional revenue opportunities kick in. There is a plethora of additional services that can be offered to these business customers. Once you are their trusted advisor who helped them become more profitable and gave them clarity about their business finances, you know they will be more likely to need and say yes to those additional services. And, the referrals, don’t forget the referrals. Who hasn’t heard, “Do you know of a good bank?” They also mean a “good banker.”

Learn About How To Become A Profit First Friendly Bank

If you are a banker interested in learning more about how to attract and retain more business customers, would like Lynn Mattice to speak at your next event or would like to do a workshop for your employees, please click here.

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