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How Profit First Grows Bank Business Customers

Profit First IS The Banker’s Advantage For Growing Business Clients

Clients have changed they way they bank. In fact, technology has made it easy for clients to access services without their banker’s involvement. In the interview below with BB&T banker Greg Martin, a Profit First Banker, says “If you’re simply opening accounts and offering loans, that’s simply not enough to retain or attract a client. That’s because fin-tech companies are taking that away from bankers and putting those services directly into the consumer’s hands.” The good news is when you change the way you position yourself to your business community, you attract, cultivate, and retain a steady flow of new business customers. First priority, build relationships with your clients and prospective clients! The most powerful way to do that is to ensure you have some unique added VALUE that makes a powerful difference to their business. Wondering what that is?

What Bankers Need To Help Businesses Today

According to Lynn Mattice, Certified Profit First Professional, “The Profit First cash management method is something EVERY business needs. It will help them grow their profitability and/or turn around their business.” Moreover, did you know that 83% of business owners don’t even take a regular paycheck? Bankers can change that reality and ensure business owners get paid. All they need in place are these three things the Profit First For Bankers program covers:

  1. Knowledge of the Profit First system
  2. Comfort with discussing a client’s business and suggesting a solution
  3. A Certified Profit First Professional to whom you can refer clients

Furthermore, you could have all this in place today with Lynn’s program for geared for highly effective bankers.

“You must provide value above and beyond just providing bank services.” Greg Martin, BB&T how bankers become trusted advisors

What if you could go to a client and let them know you want to help them to become so profitable that they don’t need to come to you for an increase in their line of credit or a loan? Rather, with your advice and resources, you can help them to be more profitable and have more on deposit. Your relationship is now elevated. You have a way to add tangible value and differentiate you from others. You become a subject matter expert and stand out.

What If Bankers Could Positively Impact Business Profitability?

If you were able to help business become more profitable, then that would result in:

  1. Less risky loan relationships with your bank and the clients
  2. The ability for you to give them better terms and lower rates
  3. You being the key to help them achieve success

As a business banker, if you’ve been in the industry for any period of time, you have valuable knowledge that you must start to leverage and enhance to help businesses. You have seen the ups and downs businesses go through. You and accelerate your reputation for becoming known as “The Entrepreneur’s Banker.”

BB&T’s Greg Martin is growing his client base by adding tremendous value to business owners that NO other banker is doing. His reputation and clientele is soaring because he is using the Profit First for Bankers system.

Why Every Banker Needs To Understand Profit First

Bankers need to understand Profit First because they can help their clients set up their bank accounts to enhance profitability and support them in wise cash flow decisions. With multiple bank accounts designated for specific purposes, a business can thrive. Every entrepreneur needs this system. And bankers can be the “ground zero” point for helping clients put in place the schedule of bank accounts needed for this important accounting practice.

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