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What is Profit First and Why Should Bankers Care

For many years now, the banking industry has been struggling with providing a personal touch experience for customers especially with all of the artificial intelligence being used. Furthermore, online banking services, and ATMs have nearly taken all of the personal customer care out of banking. Personal Touch Matters To Business Owners Today more than ever, […]

How Top Bankers Attract and Grow Their Business Client Portfolios

“We can’t have healthy businesses without healthy communities,” according to Charlie Corrigan VP at Morgan Chase Foundation. Bank Sponsored Community Events Have Limited Effect Traditionally, banks have put on community events to help local merchants. Sometimes that helps business owners get a little more visibility.  However, the effect is usually short-lived. Although this bank outreach […]

Fun In The Workplace: An Evolution

“If work was supposed to be fun, they would call it vacation.”  That is the theory that I was brought up with.  But times have changed.  People realize how short life is and that we need to enjoy it more. We take more vacations than ever, are more physically active than ever and, yes, having […]